New technologies

Which software to use to support the HR department?

Companies are among the biggest economic actors. The creation of employment and capital generates a very favorable support to the state, especially in terms of finance and public budget. The goal of a company is to make the maximum profit…

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How to sign a PDF document?

You have received a file in which, when you have finished filling in or writing, you have to sign before sending back. It is possible to skip the printing and scanning steps and go directly to the PDF electronic signature…

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How to sign a word document?

If you need to put an electronic signature in Word, such as a sales agreement or a contract, it is not so difficult. There are software and or applications that will allow you to sign documents in many different formats…

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Which document signing software to choose?

Are you looking for a good document signing software? You want to find the best one on the market? You would like to be sure to make the right choice? In this article, you will find the three criteria that…

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How does an electronic signature API work?

For a few years now, electronic signatures have been widely used to sign contracts and other documents. The time is now for digital signatures. Indeed, this new technology brings many beneficial changes in the business world. However, it is still…

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How to enhance, publish and collect the informations produced by your company?

Achieving satisfactory results in marketing requires considerable work and efforts. The basis for the success of the company lies on the control of the quality of the data. It is very important to manage the activities that have to be…

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