How to sign a word document?

If you need to put an electronic signature in Word, such as a sales agreement or a contract, it is not so difficult. There are software and or applications that will allow you to sign documents in many different formats such as the Word file for example.

Integrate a signature in a Word document

It is common to have to provide a document to be signed or signed, whether it is for administrative, personal or professional mail. Of course, it is likely to print a document made with a word processor and then sign it manually in order to send it by mail. On the other hand, when you have to answer it by e-mail, you also have to scan it, increasing the often difficult and sometimes futile operations or sign your Word files with the electronic signature application Yousign. Indeed, a software such as Word includes several useful loads in order to sign a document. You can also insert a handwritten signature on a digital document, to avoid paper breakage.

You can add a signature line

If you are thinking of printing your document, adding a signature line is the best, fastest and easiest solution. Indeed, the signature line adds a place to your document serving you or a third party to sign a print. First, you need to launch Microsoft Word, open the document on which you want to sign. Then, you must click on the Insert section. In the ribbon menu, click on the icon in the upper right corner in the Text section. In the Signature Setup window, you need to fill in the necessary data fields: the title or function, the name of the signatory and others. Then you need to click on OK to add the signature line. However, there will be a signature box in your document. At this point, you can put it wherever you want in the document. You can then print or save this document in docx format in order to insert a digital signature.

Integrate a digital signature

In order to be able to sign a Word document, you need to add a digital signature, the integration of a signature line must be done as in the previous explanation. Theoretically, you should also insert a security certificate for your signature. If you do not have one, the Word program will ask you if you want to get one from a Microsoft partner. However, you can create your certificate yourself using the SelfCert tool, which is included in the Microsoft Office folder. You need to open the folder where Microsoft Office is installed. Then look for the SelfCert.exe program. Then open it by double-clicking. You must name your certificate and click on OK. Go back to your Word document and double-click on the signature line.
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