Corporate services

How to increase Employee Well-Being?

The performance of a company depends on the ability of the staff to integrate into the dynamism of the company. But first, everyone must be motivated to act with determination. Increasing the well-being of employees is a major factor in…

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How to set up telework in your company?

More and more companies are using telecommuting. This allows employees who adhere to this method to work in good conditions from home or in a coworking space. The communication with the company is usually done by email and phone or…

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What is partial unemployment?

Faced with a situation that is difficult to resolve, appropriate measures can be taken by the managers of a company. Some opt for the total closure of the company, sending all employees to unemployment. Others opt for a less drastic…

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What is corporate mobility?

A company is one of the biggest economic actors in the development of a country, a nation or a city. Job creation is a means given to the population to advance and also to reduce the unemployment rate to zero….

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