How to sign a PDF document?

Published on : 26 April 20213 min reading time
You have received a file in which, when you have finished filling in or writing, you have to sign before sending back. It is possible to skip the printing and scanning steps and go directly to the PDF electronic signature section.

Steps to follow to make a signature

The boxes in a form are often easy to fill in, unlike the signature for users who are not yet experienced. A reading tool in a software program can do the job for the document, but not for the PDF electronic signature.

However, it is possible to sign electronic documents. And to do it, you simply need to create a handwritten signature by the PDF viewer in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. So, follow these steps to sign your documents now.

Creation of electronic handwritten signatures

First, if you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed on your computer, you need to download and install it. In addition to allowing the software to open PDF files and edit them to modify text or fill out a form.

You can now click on the tools menu to select the “Fill and Sign” option. This option will give you access to manually create text boxes to enter and modify information depending on the size. Sometimes forms and files already have fields for entry so you don’t have to create them in this option.

Tracing your signature

To create a new signature, find above your document at the top of the window, there is the “Sign” button, then following the selection you will have “Add Signature”. Other options are provided in a new window, such as type and draw. Type allows you to insert your name, and draw offers signature drawing with the mouse, and there is even a third option through which you can import a signature already scanned.

But the “Trace” option is what you need for the authenticity of your document, and besides the mouse you can use a stylus or your finger if you use a touch system or trackpad. Put your signature and save by pressing “Apply”. Once saved, the signature can be inserted directly on the document by moving and resizing it.

At the end, save the whole document so that you don’t lose the changes you made in your document. You can reuse your signature in other documents by accessing the “Tools” menu and selecting “Fill and Sign” again.

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