How does an electronic signature API work?

For a few years now, electronic signatures have been widely used to sign contracts and other documents. The time is now for digital signatures. Indeed, this new technology brings many beneficial changes in the business world. However, it is still a practice that is not well known by some. However, the electronic signature API has the same legal effects as the handwritten signature. For the legal recognition, it is the eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) which states the rules to be respected in this matter. The best tool on the market is YOUSIGN, a 100% French brand, easy to use.

The electronic signature

First, you need to know what an electronic signature API is. It is an Application Programming Interface, which comes from the English, "Application Programming Interface". In short, it consists of a dematerialization of documents to move to electronic archiving. The archived document can be digitally signed and the Yousign eSignature API is used to protect the documents and the signature. The ANSSI, the French National Agency for Information Systems Security, is in charge of controlling electronic signatures in France. In short, everything is legal as the handwritten signature. This system is used by banks or insurance companies, by real estate agencies for lease contracts, by companies for work contracts.


Yousign API is one of the best signature solutions available today. Indeed, it is easy to use. The training time is fast. All document formats are accepted such as PDF for example. All commercial documents such as quotes, invoices can be processed with the Yousign electronic signature API. The same is true for Human Resources documents. A company that wants to optimize its performance must absolutely adopt the Yousign eSignature API. Time savings are also the advantages of its use and above all, it has no geographical restrictions.


Yousign is recommended for any dematerialization of signature. It is certified up to the European Union level. However, there is a certain limit as to the acts that can be processed with it. These are acts related to family law, such as inheritance and holographic wills. And even if its use is intended to facilitate transactions, the law specifies that the electronic signature cannot be imposed on the other contracting party.
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