How to integrate new technologies in the company?

Published on : 26 April 20213 min reading time
Companies evolve along with new technologies. And society is also following this evolution. Consumer habits are influenced by the use of new technologies. Work methods and business processes must also conform to these changes. Faced with the challenges of new technologies, a question arises: how to integrate new technologies into the company?  How to succeed in the transition?

The challenges of integrating new technologies in the company

When talking about integrating new technologies in the company, the notion of artificial intelligence is key. Indeed, the automation of tasks is one of the main objectives of the use of new technologies. The challenge is to let the new inventions improve productivity while avoiding the dehumanization of the company. This is a real risk. We want to take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence. But at the same time, decision makers know that human resources are irreplaceable. But in any case, it is out of the question to abandon the use of new technologies. The stakes regarding productivity are too high.

How to start integrating new technologies

Changing habits is never easy. Indeed, a certain comfort level is established in employees when they become accustomed to methods that have been in place since the beginning. In general, a company needs to have a 75% buy-in from managers for the transition to be successful. One of the best pieces of advice we could give you is to create a sense of urgency. It’s not just about showing employees dismal sales numbers or talking about the competition. It’s about having a compelling conversation. The urgency you want to establish will take care of itself. Then the next step is to communicate often with employees, inviting them to participate in the change. Make sure that the managers involved are aware of the benefits they will receive.

Quality training is necessary

It is clear that integrating new technologies in the company requires adequate training for employees and managers. Inserting new technologies will not be beneficial for productivity if the users of these tools are not competent. Moreover, by giving a thorough training, employees will feel more involved in the transition. In order to provide the right training, it is important to gather input from employees about their needs. When vendors conduct demonstrations of their systems, ensure that the appropriate employees are always present. Follow up regularly on employees’ use of technology tools. Today, there are consulting services that specialize in introducing companies to new technologies. Take advantage of their services.

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