What are the business service professions?

Business service professions are those that are not directly linked to the production of products or services sold by the company, but which are nevertheless necessary for the proper functioning of its system. These professions are also called support functions or transversal functions. The main objective of these technical professions is to create conditions favorable to the success of the company. They include management, communication, support and even consulting activities. But what exactly are these business service professions? The details are in this article.

The various departments that make up the support functions

The business service profession covers several areas such as IT, marketing, communication, management, maintenance services and many others. As much as to say that the transverse functions gather a plethora of activity. They are all as essential to the company as each other. The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies has classified these jobs into two sections. The first section lists technical, scientific and specialized functions, while the second section includes business support activities and administrative services.

Technical, specialized and scientific activities

In this section, we can find the business service profession such as the finance and accounting department, it is in charge of all financial and accounting operations of the company. The research and development department, the legal department and human resources. Employees who are in charge of communication, marketing and all commercial activities are also listed in this division. These professions require a good level of professional training and specific skills. This is also the case for recruitment officers and computer specialists. Their overall objective is the transfer of knowledge and know-how.

Administrative services and business support activities

This section generally includes B2B services. These are the transversal activities of the company whose main objective is to assist it in its main missions. To do this, they provide companies with specific services. Among these professionals are transport companies, rental companies and general services, which generally deal with logistics, maintenance, security and any maintenance work. All these people who work in the business field services can be recruited internally or externally. In other words, internally, the support functions are integrated into the company's payroll, but externally, they are grouped in specialized companies and intervene at the request of any company.
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