Focus on accounting activities

To ensure the smooth running of a company or an association, it is essential to call on the services of an accountant. An accountant is a person with a great capacity in financial management. What are the tasks related to the position of accountant? Here is some information on the accounting activity.

Accountant: main missions

Before getting into the main activities of an accountant, it is essential to know that this function can be performed internally or externally. This means that an entity has the choice between hiring an accountant with employee status or using the services of an external accountant. But regardless of the status of the accounting managers, they can perform the same tasks. An accountant is assigned various tasks related to taxation and financing. He or she performs all the necessary procedures to verify the financial status of the company. An accountant is also responsible for sending and paying invoices. Be aware that the accounting activity can vary depending on the size and organization of a company. In small companies, the tasks of an accountant are general. He/she is involved in activities directly related to payroll. The realization of tax and social declarations, the verification of the annual calculation is also under his responsibility. For an accountant in large companies, their tasks depend on their department and their specialization.

Skills and profile required

An accountant is responsible for performing a variety of tasks. To be successful in all these tasks, an accountant must be flexible and have specific skills. And because he or she operates in a financial field, a good accountant must be: honest, organized, and upstanding. If you want to stand out from other financial specialists, it is advisable to have an analytical mind. This ability is a major asset in this field. As far as qualifications are concerned, you should have a professional bachelor's degree or a master's degree in management and accounting. But if you are good with numbers and have expertise in financial issues, you can work as an accountant with at least a BAC+2 level.

The risks of the accounting profession

The accounting business is a stable and evolving sector. However, like all professions, it involves some risks. Be aware that a financial specialist is responsible for verifying accounting transactions. In case of fraud or mismanagement, the accountant will be held responsible or considered an accomplice. This criminal risk sometimes leads to post-balance sheet depression.
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